Rigging Plan (Standard Version)

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The Rigging Plan has been produced to provide a consistent document for the planning of rigging and the controlling of hazards associated with the rigging of a load.

The Rigging Plan is a simple form that ensures all Health and Safety Checks and Planning have been completed.

The standard rigging plan is normally attached to a lift plan and includes:

  • Rigging capacity and calculation chart
  • Rigging Plan details
  • Hazard checks
  • Shackle, Eyebolts and Wire Rope factors
  • Terminology
  • Rigging Sign-Off
  • First Aider
  • Environment Checks

This is the Standard version. The Standard version has 30 duplicated rigging pages per pad and 20 duplicated hazard check sheets.

The "Lite Version" is the same without duplicate pages. Each page is double-sided in the lite version with rigging on one side and hazards on the alternate side.