About Us

Welcome to the Crane Training New Zealand Shop. This shop is run by Crane Training New Zealand Limited and sells products created by the Crane Association of New Zealand (Inc.) All proceeds from sales goes back into research and development of these resources.  

You can contact Crane Training New Zealand at the following addresses:

Margan House
21 Fitzherbert Terrace

Postal Address:
PO Box 12013
Wellington 6144

Phone: (04) 4733558


Crane Training New Zealand Limited

Crane Training New Zealand Limited is a registered charity with the following objectives:

  • To advance skills and knowledge of the crane industry of New Zealand
  • To facilitate the promotion, development and provision of vocational education and training within the industry.
  • To increase the professionalism and the acquisition of skills and knowledge within the workforce of the industry in New Zealand.
  • To assist in the promotion of the benefits of systematic vocational training in the industry.
  • To assist in identifying training needs and future skill requirements in the industry workforce.
  • To make recommendations to any persons of organisations or government bodies on the development and implementation of vocational training in the industry.
  • To undertake research into and the collection of information about vocational training and all matters relating thereto within the industry.
  • To liaise with other related industries, educational institutes and other training providers, and government bodies to achieve a coordinated, responsive and efficient use of resources and training facilities.

Providing that notwithstanding anything stated elsewhere, the funds, income and property of the company from whatever source derived shall be applied solely towards the aims, objects and the works of the company within New Zealand.