Book resources

Crane Safety Manual Ver 3.2

The contents are as follows: Section 1: Manual                        Section 2: General Information                          Section 3: Health & Safety Section 4: Hazards                       Section 5: Incident Reporting                            Section 6: WorkSafe NZ Section 7: Dogman a...

Crane Operators' Logbook

The crane operators log book allows responsible operators to track work history and competency in machine types. This include courses attended and lifts completed.

A5 Approved Code of Practice for Cranes Booklet

The ACOP for Cranes is downloadable from NZTA as an A4 PDF. We have converted that into A5 booklet 

History of Cranes in New Zealand

From Crank Handles to Hydraulics - A History of Cranes in New Zealand, by John Carter. This is the definitive reference for the crane industry in New Zealand

A4 - Guideline for Immediate Post Crane Incident Management

This Guideline for Immediate Post Crane Incident Management has been prepared in collaboration with crane companies who have previously been involved in crane incident investigations and have collected the  information which may be of assistance to your company and your investigation.

A5 -Guidelines for the Safe Use of Crane Anchored Fall Protection Inertia Reels

To provide clear guidance on the use of inertia reels when anchored from a crane hook or boom

A5 ACOP Load Lifting and Rigging 5th Edition

Approved Code of Practice for Load Lifting and Rigging  

Be a Good Crane Operator - One Day at a Time

A book that is read at one page a day. Each page gives a snippet of information to remind, encourage, or possibly teach the reader something about cranes. Keep it in the cab or in your work bag. Read when you have a free minute or better still before you start your work day.