Crane Safety Manual Ver 3.2

This 2016 updated and revised edition includes the updated Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and the (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016 The contents are as follows: Section 1: Manual                        Section 2: General Information                          Section 3: H...

Lite Lift Plan

The Lite Lift Plan has been produced to provide a consistent document with training material for the planning of lifts and the controlling of hazards on site. The Lift Plan is a simple form that ensures all Health and Safety Checks and Planning have been completed. Comes with training documentation

Standard Lift Plan Pad

The standard lift plan is designed for a single crane lift and includes: A hazard checklist  Lift Plan details Hazard checks Lift details Lift Sign-Off First Aider Environment Checks Space for small rigging sketch There are 30 duplicated lift pages per pad and 20 duplicated hazard identificatio...

A5 Approved Code of Practice for Cranes Booklet

The ACOP for Cranes is downloadable from NZTA as an A4 PDF. We have converted that into A5 booklet 
$60.00 - $75.00

History of Cranes in New Zealand

From Crank Handles to Hydraulics - A History of Cranes in New Zealand, by John Carter. This is the definitive reference for the crane industry in New Zealand


Daily Reflections For Crane OperatorsMay 19, 2017

Introducing "Be a Good Crane Operator - One Day At A Time" a daily reflection of what to do and other helpful hints.

Written by Stephen Holmes of GTK Training